CAD Technician

Who is Maciej ?

I am a graduate of the Kingston University with a Masters of Science in Advanced Product Design Engineering. I completed the two years part time course successfully balancing a full time job with personal commitments, demands of the course work deadlines, reading research papers, and producing my final project. I thoroughly enjoyed my course and I have no doubt that "Product Design Engineer" is my ideal job title.

I enjoy being constantly pushed as it gives me on the one hand the opportunity for improvement of my existing skills and on the other hand the opportunity to constantly learn new things. Whatever I do I always strive to do it as well as it possibly can be done and being driven by the desired goals I work hard to achive them.

In my free time I practice judo. Although I got my black belt some time ago I constantly try to improve my technique and keep up with this nonstop evolving martial art. I have dedicated a big portion of my life to judo and try to apply its values and principles to all areas of my life.

I am currently seeking employment opportunities within the design & engineering industries.